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    The basis of the album is this:

    What we know as UFO’es today has been around close to forever. They are known in many cultures under many names and mythology and folklore is filled with them. The ancients knew more of the reality behind them wich is evident in the old scriptures and myths where the ones coming in flying crafts from the big deep (either sky or sea (note that actually a majority of UFO sightings have spotted them flying in or out of water – contrary to popular opinion)) are described as Celestial personalities (heavenly) or higher forms of beings that bring culture and knowledge and wisdom. Parallel mythology shows that globally the myths tell the same story. They speak of a time where the Celestial Personalities lived on earth together with humans – they had their own cities – and they functioned as teachers and peacemakers. Then came the outbreak of the Spiritual rebellion on the Heavenly worlds, led by Lucifer, and many evolutionary worlds where betrayed into joining the rebellion by the Spiritual Personalities (planetary princes) in charge of world affairs on each world. This is what happened our Earth. From that time on (around 200.000 yeas ago) the earth was spiritual isolated pending the final, Heavenly rulings in the case of the Rebellion, Lucifer vs Michael of Nebadon. In practical terms that meant the earth had no physical representative of Celestial Personalities present on the planet. High Celestial personalities that humans could see and talk too and get inspired by. Aside from one Celestial Person in physical form, Van, who together with a few modified human associates, settled down in the mountains surrounding the lake in present day Turkey that to this day bears his name.
    37000 years ago the Earth was revisited by a Celestial Couple in physical form. The came one day, unannounced, in Seraphic Transports (what we call UFO’s) and landed at midday in a (now sunken) peninsula sticking out from the coast of present day Syria. The people of that time and age where off course tremendously influenced by this sight – and even today this appearance is echoed in the Easter Egg (The egg that Astarte arrived in from the Big Deep) and many other such traditions and myths. In the western world we know this couple best by the names of Adam and Eve, though the memory of those brilliant, celestial personalities are greatly perverted.
    Adam and Eve made a new society but sadly their mission failed and the earth was again isolated with no visible, heavenly representatives.
    But even though the earth was without visible guidance the world affairs, even the Spiritual and physical affairs, the plan of the Most Highs for the planet, must still be attended too. And here we meet the present day stories of UFO’s, or Seraphic Transports.
    There are several tasks that are being performed by the Celestial Personalities using Seraphic Transports today. To name a two:

    One is the preparation and teaching of humans to function in times of Spiritual and terrestrial emergencies. These selected humans are mostly taught and prepared in the depth of their unconscious mind – but sometimes it is necessary to contact them directly and perform certain tasks. Since the persons are most often unaware of their unconscious training and preparation they will experience what they describe as an abduction as a very traumatic episode that violates their personal sovereignty. I find a way to understand these happenings is to view a bigger picture. If we see the cosmos and every living being in it as part of a giant, almost infinite Celestial family, created by an Infinite and Eternal Parent, An all knowing, All loving and All powerfull Deity. This is basically the image of a human family, just on a vast, cosmic scale. And often children, or less mature personalities in the family, find some of the dealings of their parents to be hard to understand. But as these children grow up they will come to realise the love and wisdom that lied behind the necessary steps.

    The other is the genetic aspect. Many stories tell of both women and men undergoing procedures to secure genetic samples of their DNA. We are slowly awakening to the importance of the strains of the DNA and how much they mean both in terms of a persons inherent abilities and talents but also how much resistance a persons has against diseases and bacteria. Many of our so called “modern” way of living (artificial food and massive exposure to all sorts of radiation) dramaticly alters the fundamentals of our DNA. And for the future welfare of the planet and the generations to come, Celestial measures are being taken to secure the important strains of the human DNA. Especially for the time when the Rebellion is over and the quarantine of the Earth is lifted and we again will have Physical, Celestial representatives living among us – and spiritual and social progress will again be guided back on track.

    And there are many, many other reasons and procedures taking place – some disclosed and some undisclosed.

    The Celestial Personnel on the crafts are many but most often the humans meet the Physical sons and Daughters (the same race as Adam and Eve – the “Tall Blond”) and the technical helpers, the small Greys.
    The Physical sons and Daughters are the highest, cosmic form of physical life – much like humans but spiritually created even a bit above or similar to the lower Angels. They normally live on cosmic designed physical worlds, when they are not stationed on the evolutionary worlds as teachers and uplifters, such as Adam and Eve that we know.

    The “Greys” come more or less in two versions, a small and one a bit larger. The small “greys” are basically living “machines” – created and “born” to perform certain routine tasks (we do not have a proper word for them on earth). They are alive in the sense that they, well, live and move and communicate but they are not personalities in the human sense and do not have our sense of “self” or individuality. That would be celestial slavery to create a being destined to perform the same routine tasks forever. That work is better executed by a more machine like creature. Only the bigger, more advanced “Greys” have personality in the human sense – and they are vastly superior in intelligence to us.
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released January 12, 2009


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Nicky Bendix Denmark

Crafting music for theater, arts and images since 1990

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