Nano Dance / Moon Museum - soundtrack in 4 parts

by Nicky Bendix



Moon Museum
The Moon Museum project is establishing a museum on our actual moon.
The art contained in the Moonark/museum shuttle, is also mirrored in an series of terrestrial exhibitions here on earth, and will travel to different countries and locations around the globe. The first location to host the exhibition will be the Carnegie University Museum of Art in Pittsburgh.

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This soundtrack here builds conceptually on the aspects of the artistic discipline of Nano Art, and on the whole, gigantic Moon Museum undertaking. For further information about the ideas and concepts behind the music, please read the text "The conceptual ideas behind the composition: " further down on this page.

A big thank you to scientist and nano artist Cris Orfescu, and the whole team behind The Moon Museum.


released September 27, 2017

The conceptual ideas behind the composition:

1. The start - the level of reality below and before form - even before the Nano level - pure energy/vibration/thought.

2. The piano piece has three levels on its own: 1. the nano level - energy takes on a definite shape and character and becomes the foundation/building blocks of the physical state - this is mirrored in the repetitive piano figure in the bass, and the somewhat static harmonies - more structural than animate; 2. the level of animation/movement/personality/plants/animals/ physical interaction - here we meet a dance-like melody that mirrors life's energy and vitality - movement and action; 3. the human mind/the level of thinking/perceiving/feeling and experiencing - this is mirrored in the piano figures/melody that has a quite emotional character. These three levels are also the levels where the material, means, and idea of the Moon Museum comes from, which leads us to level four  of the piano piece: 4.The music breaks up/expands - the Moon Museum takes off, becomes a reality and starts out on its journey to the moon. This concludes the piano piece. 

3. The Moon Museum starts its journey to the moon. The little sci-fi-like arpeggiator figure functions as the futuristic "motor". The music is expansive - the vastness of space and the distance to the moon, the romance of the adventure, as well as the whole scope of the undertaking of creating the moon museum. The capsule travels through space and comes closer and closer to the moon.

4. The museum settles on the moon and takes on a more static existence. Sitting, waiting, faithfully holding the thoughts, ideas, and work of the human mind, heart, and hands. This is mirrored in the final three piano phrases plus the bass. The four distinct musical identities, each with its own quality, create together one musical figure, and mirror the four chambers of the MoonArk.The piece ends with an unresolved cluster - what will be the future of the Moon Museum?


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